Donations To Help Horses

People often ask how they can help us save horses who are suffering from starvation, neglect, abuse, and even slaughter. (Horse meat is a delicacy in restaurants overseas.) While our farm is not a nonprofit organization and, therefore, cannot provide you with a tax deduction for your donation, we welcome any assistance you can give. It helps us save, rehabilitate, and train horses so that they might live out long, healthy, productive lives. Horses are very expensive whether you rent them, lease them, or own them - even more so when they have been neglected without routine hoof care, sufficient feed, vaccinations, dental care, and regular de-worming.

Rescue HorseHope 1

So we've devised several means to make it easy for you to help us help horses like Hope. She was a 4 year-old given to us because the people who owned her couldn't handle her. Her owners had bought a horse (Hope's mother) not knowing that she was pregnant. Hope was born and wasn't given any training or taught any respect for people. She became unmanagable - biting, kicking, and running them out of the pasture when they attempted to spend time with Hope's mother. When we went to pick Hope up, she wasn't even halter broke to lead. So we taught her to lead and began to teach her to respect our space. Of course, Hope had never been loaded into a trailer either, so it took us 3 hours to get her loaded into the trailer! She went through a month or so of depression because she had never been away from her mother. So in the beginning, she wouldn't eat very well, and therefore it took a little longer than usual to get decent weight on her depsite the fact that we de-wormed her and floated her teeth right away.

Ways You Can Help

Volunteer Your Time

We have a formal volunteer program available to anyone at least 13 years of age. It allows you to be directly involved in our horses' rehabilitation and training process, but it also earns you riding privileges. So our horses give back to you in a very direct manner. Younger children can visit our farm to donate money or other items and see our horses.

Donate Items

We can always use horse related items such as:

Feed - pelleted feed, sweet feed, or senior feed
Hay - round bales or square bales
Alfalfa pellets or cubes to avoid the refeeding syndrome for the severely malnurished
Water Troughs
Insulated Waterproof Winter Blankets
Tack - saddles, pads, bridles
Halters, brushes, lead ropes, buckets, etc.

Make A Cash Donation

Our dedication and relentless efforts are critical to saving horses, but our resources can only go so far. We sometimes have to turn horses away because taking in more horses than we can financially support would undermine the care and support we need to give to our horses already depending on us. That's where you can help. Your donation helps us to pay for the trucks, tractors, trailers, employees, feed, hay, prescriptive medicines, bandages, vet bills, and farrier expenses that are necessary to rescue horses and nuture them back to health. And if you're not in a position to donate funds, perhaps you can come to ride them. They are happy to work to earn their keep. The revenue generated from our trail rides, lessons, camp, and every ride we offer goes into supporting our horses. That's what makes Dead Broke Farm unique: every dollar earned goes right back into our horses and our farm to improve the lives of our rescue horses. But if you can find it in your heart (and your wallet) to help us save, rehabilitate, and train our rescue horses to become capable of giving back to the community by providing horseback riding services to the public, choose one of the donation options below. Or if you'd like to make a reservation to ride, give us a call at 919-596-8975 or click on the link provided.

Option 1: Phone

You can give us a call at 919-596-8975 with a Mastercard or Visa number, and we can charge your credit card.

Option 2: Mail A Check

Make checks payable to 'Dead Broke Farm' and mail to 6921 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613.

Option 3: Drop Off Donation At Our Farm

Visit our farm and see some of the horses you will be helping.

Option 4: Paypal

Paypal offers a secure method of submitting your credit card information online, and you don't have to be a Paypal member to use it.

if you would like to donate to our Rescue Program in honor of our lost volunteer, Diane McGill, choose that purpose from the drop down menu after clicking on the Donate button.