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Bo - Incredibly Quiet, Gentle Draft Horse For Sale

3 yo, 17.1 hands, $7,500 

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Bo is an exceptional horse for his young age. He stands at 17.1 hands at just 3 years of age, so he may mature to 17.2 or 17.3 hands by the time he's full grown. We have used him on my farm for novice customers to ride on our trails for nearly a year now, He has been taken to the Buck Horn Reservoir and ridden in the lake. He will do anything asked of him: cross bridges, creeks, and mud; walk/trot/canter, and allow you to pick his feet up. Many draft horses require shoeing stocks and/or sedation to shoe them, but not this guy. He has a genuinely amazing jog. In my opinion, his jog is smoother than most Tennessee Walking Horses at the running walk gait.

If you're just learning to ride or need a horse who can rebuild your confidence, look no further. You've found him! And if you're on the high end of the height/weight chart, Bo can most likely accommodate you. He can carry riders weighing up to 350 lbs plus the weight of the saddle, and you're not going to look like you're riding a pony even if you're up to 7 feet tall.

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Watch the video to see that Bo loads and unloads in a matter of seconds (29 seconds to be precise) - not hours. He's easy to catch, bathe, and spray for flies. He's calm as a cucumber. He'll stand at the hitching rail for hours without pawing or chewing on wood. This nice Draft Horse is for sale and could be yours for $7,500.

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