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Draft Horses at Dead Broke Farm in Raleigh, NC

A Unique Horseback Riding Stable in Raleigh

We are often asked how we came up with the name, "Dead Broke Farm", so we'd like to share that with you. The name is a pun on the cost of owning horses and horses' temperments. The financial implication of our name is fairly evident to most people, but the expression of the horses' dispositions isn't perhaps as obvious if you're not in the horse industry. You see, when a horse is started under saddle, it is often referred to as "breaking a horse to ride". So it stands to reason, when a horse is very well trained (broke), gentle, responsive to beginners, and anyone can ride it regardless of ability, it is considered in the horse industry to be "dead broke". At Dead Broke Farm, we have horses ranging from "dead broke" all the way up to very spirited for the more advanced riders.

Dead Broke Farm has been offering horseback riding to the public since July 2004 on our family owned and operated farm. We're passionate about our horses, and we want to share our passion with you.

Not everyone has the time, commitment, or financial resources available to them to allow them to own their own horse, so we take care of all that so you can enjoy horses and riding without the fuss and expense. We work tirelessly 365 days a year in all kinds of weather so that you can enjoy our horses when the weather conditions are more suitable for riding. Our horses are gentle yet still maintain their own unique personalities and spirit. We don't run a hack-line where the horses ride nose-to-tail. You get to do some real riding where control and balance are exercised and nurtured.

Over the years we have purchased a good number of horses to rescue them from horrible conditions of neglect, abuse, and even slaughter. Most of them have intriguing backgrounds that we'll be happy to share with you when you visit our farm. But they all have one thing in common... they give pleasure to many people and in return they live a useful and productive life where they receive adequate feed, exercise, hoof care, dental care, general veterinarian care, and unconditional love and affection.

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Qualifications To Help Horse Business Owners

Horse Industry Experience

I have been working in the horse industry since 2004, and I grew up on a horse farm in Raleigh, NC where we offered horseback riding to the public, horse boarding, stud service for several breeds, and horse sales, so I'm intimately familiar with the lingo, i.e. relevant keywords for the horse industry. I can help horse riding stables, breeding farms, feed stores, tack stores, horse auction barns, horse boarding facilities, Enlish and Western clothing stores, hay farms, and more.

Formal Education

Internet Marketing Master of Science (IMMS), Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL (2010)

Master of Science in Management (MSM), NC State University, Raleigh, NC (1994)

Bachelor of Science, Business Management, NC State University, Raleigh, NC (1991)

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