Carly - Spunky, Graceful Quarter Horse For Sale

11 yo, 13.3 hands, $5,500

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Carly is a 11-year-old Cremello QH mare standing at 13.3 hands. You could say she's a Quarter Pony, but she's built wide like a horse, and she definitely doesn't have the pony mane, tail, and attitude. She's very athletic, graceful, and lively. She is one of the sweetest horses I've ever had the pleasure to own. I can call her, and she'll leave her hay hut to come running. Maybe it's in hopes of getting a treat. Maybe it's because she's glad to see me. Either way, it's nice to have her so enthusiastic to see me!

I've owned Carly since she was just 2 years old and ready to start under saddle. I've ridden her lightly throughout that time, but to be honest, I don't need a personal horse. I'm too busy training or tuning up horses for our riding programs or preparing a horse for sale. She has too much muscle to put beginners or children on her, so it's just been me riding her all these years. You have to be an experienced rider to appreciate her. Otherwise, she will turn right out from under you. She has an incredible handle on her; she will pivot on the front and hind very naturally. She can literally 'turn on a dime'.

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I recognize that the market for Carly is pretty small since you have to be a very good rider - and small - to ride her. For those reasons, she can be yours for just $5,500, or I'll keep her till she leaves this earth. At least she doesn't eat much, right?! More videos coming soon.

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