Corporate Outings At Dead Broke Farm

Come to our farm to enjoy a fun, outdoor company outing. You can go horseback riding on over 10 miles of beautiful, wooded trails, and have your company picnic in the shade of old oak trees. You can bring in a caterer, entertainment, or speakers. If you prefer to do your own cooking, we have a grill on site.

Every corporate event is unique, so pricing varies. You may just want to do a ride as a team, and so that's all you pay for. In other instances, you may want to do a half or whole day event in which you may want to take advantage of all our farm has to offer. You may choose to open up your company event to other family members in which case the playground would be very appealing.

But no matter what type of corporate outing you have in mind, we have the outdoor facilities and horses to accommodate you.


Event Pricing

The cost will depend upon several factors:

Amenities Chosen

  • Exclusive use of picnic Area = $200
  • Playground = no charge
  • Access to all our animals = no charge

Length Of Your Ride

1-Hour = $85/person

2-Hour = $135/person

Number Of Riders

5 riders or more - take $5 off per person
10 riders or more - take $10 off per person

Additional Fees That May Apply

  • $20 fee for riders who weigh more than 200 lbs to help us offset the cost of feeding and shoeing our large draft horses.
  • $10 fee for children under the age of six years old who need their own dedicated guide to ensure a safe riding experience.
  • Private rides are available for an additional $75. The private fee is a flat fee and covers everyone in your group regardless of the duration of your ride. For example, you would add $50 to make a ride private for an individual doing a 2-hour ride. Similarly, the cost would be $75 extra for a group of 4 riders doing a 1-hour ride. In other words, the private fee is a fixed cost independent of the number of riders or how long you're riding. It's purpose is to help us fund an additional guide for your ride.
  • Groups of 5 or more will have 15% gratuity added to their cost.

If you need help with the pricing, call Carla at (919) 596-8975 for a quote.