Gracie - Kid Safe, Husband Proof Draft Horse For Sale

17 yo, 17 hands, $6,800 

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I've had the pleasure of owning Gracie for more than 4 years. She has worked on my farm taking beginners, hefties, guides riding double with younsters too young to ride on their own, and kids as young as 6 and up riding on their own out on our trails. She is sweet and unflappable out on the trails. Nothing phases her - not birds, deer, dogs, 4-wheelers, tractors, traffic, water, mud, bridges, two neighboring firing ranges - nothing. Not only does Gracie ride, she drives as well. She has nerves of steel and has done Hindu Indian weddings since I've owned her. She tolerates loud music, dancers, drummers, traffic, and even smoke bombs. 

Gracie is perfect for you if you are just learning to ride or if you've lost your confidence due to a bad experience or you need a larger horse who can carry riders up to 350 lbs. They don't get any easier to ride than Gracie. We also use her for special needs teens and adults who weigh over 200 lbs.

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Gracie loads and unloads in a matter of seconds - not hours. She's easy to catch, bathe, and spray for flies. Shoeing stocks aren't necessary to get her trimmed and shod. She loves attention, and will stand at the hitching rail for hours without pawing or chewing on wood. Riding out without her pasture mates is commonplace for Gracie. She's accustomed to going off alone to do weddings where only the groom rides a horse. This nice Draft Horse is for sale and could be yours for just $6,800. You won't find a better horse for you and your family at this price.

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