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Trail Horses For Sale In Raleigh

Dead Broke Farm buys and rescues horses, rehabilitates them, trains them, corrects performance issues, puts lots of trail hours on them, and then offers excellent trail horses for sale. Our horses have been ridden with dogs through creeks, mud, hills and past deer, four-wheelers, tractors, and birds who fly up right in front of them. So if you're looking for a good, solid horse, check out the horses we have for sale. We have horses for sale to satisfy all experience levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced riders, and we're conveniently located in Raleigh, NC.

We buy horses from individuals and horse auctions. In fact, many of our rescue horses were obtained from auctions where we outbid kill buyers. Rescue and free aren't synonymous when it comes to horses. Regardless of how we obtain our horses, we eventually offer them for sale. Prior to sale, they are put through a process to ensure they are safe, sound, and sane. We de-worm them when we unload them from the trailer and prior to putting them in pastures with out other horses. If they have a snotty nose, are under weight, need hoof care or shoes, we put them on meds and have the farrier out within a week to address their hoof care needs. We float their teeth, clean the sheaths of the geldings, and de-bean them so you don't have to. In other words, we assume all the risks of buying a horse for you. We remove the pain and pitfalls of buying the wrong horse and ending up in the hospital or with a lame horse. In rare cases where we make a mistake and buy or rescue a horse that we can't mold into a nice, quiet horse that anyone can ride, we pursue other avenues of re-homing them; we don't sell them from our farm as dead broke, safe trail horses. We evaluate our horses to determine their temperment and level of rider required to ride them, and that information is included in our ads.

Videos are often embedded in the ads (in brown font).

Casanova - Trail Horse For Sale

Casanovas HeadshotAge - 9 years old

Height - 13.3 hands

Breed - Paint QH

Estimated Weight - 900

Gender - Gelding

Color: Tri-colored Tobiano

De-wormed - 1/15/19

Neg Coggins - 7/1/19

Teeth Floated - 9/30/19

Price - $2,900

Casanova is an inquisitive, personable guy. Often he can be seen at the very corner of the barn with his head over the fence to see what's going on at "the office": our tent where we check customers in. He's a 9 yo, 13.3 hand, Paint Quarter Horse. He has a long, graceful body, and arches his neck gracefully when under saddle at a trot or canter, i.e. when "in hand".

His personality reminds me of Little Joe Cartwright's Paint on the show, Bonanza. 

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This good looking horse is for sale for $2,900.

George - Friesian Cross Horse For Sale

Georges HeadAge - 19 years old

Breed - Friesian Cross

Height - 15.1 hands

Estimated Weight - 1,200 lbs

Gender - Gelding

Color: Black

De-wormed - 1/15/20

Teeth Floated - 12/6/19

Neg Coggins - 10/28/19

Price - $3,500

George is a 15.1 hand Friesian cross gelding. He's a seasoned 19 year-old who can teach anyone to ride. He is in great shape and an absolute sweetheart on the ground and under saddle. He is a confidence builder and would make a nervous rider gain (or re-gain) their love of riding. If you fall off this horse, you probably have trouble walking and breathing at the same time!

Whether you enjoy riding or driving, George can accommodate you.

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This sweet, honest trail horse is for sale for just $3,500.

Benson - Kid Safe Horse For Sale

Draft Cross Gelding for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 10 years old

Height - 14.2 hands

Breed - Belgian Draft Cross

Estimated Weight - 1,300

Gender - Gelding

Color: Chestnut w/ Flaxen Mane/Tail

De-wormed - 12/15/19

Neg Coggins - 9/2/19

Teeth Floated - 1/6/20

Price - $5,800

Benson is an incredibly versatile horse. He is perfect for an individual and an entire family. He's a draft cross, so he can take heavier riders (up to 280 lbs plus the weight of the saddle), but the beauty of it is... he's not as tall as a pure draft horse. Benson stands at 14.3 hands, so he's easy to mount from the ground. He has a big barrel of a rib cage, so even if you're 5'9" or 5'10", you don't feel like you're on a pony or top heavy. He is a big boy on short legs. 

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This draft cross horse is for sale for $5,800, and he could be yours!

Jazzy - Flashy TWH Horse for Sale

Beautiful Palomino TWH for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 13 years old

Height - 15 hands

Breed - TWH

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Palomino

De-wormed - 10/8/19

Neg Coggins - 5/24/19

Teeth Floated - 11/30/19

Price - $3,900

Jazzy is a nice looking registered Palomino TWH. She's 13 years old and stands at about 15 hands. She's sound, quiet, and gentle, but like most Walking Horses, she out walks most Quarter Horses. However, she will flat walk, so you don't have to hold her back if you just want to mosey on down the trail. Jazzy's easy to catch and gets along well with her pastures mates (consisting of both mares and geldings).

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This pretty Tennesse Walking Horse is for sale for just $3,900.

Tonto - Flashy Paint Horse For Sale

Tontos HeadAge - 4 years old

Height - 15 hands

Breed - Quarter Horse

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Gelding

Color: Sorrel Overo Paint

De-wormed - 10/15/19

Neg Coggins - 8/16/19

Teeth Floated - 12/6/19

Price - $4,900

Tonto is an incredibly quiet, gentle, sweet, flashy Sorrel Overo Paint QH gelding standing at about 15 hands is for sale. He would make someone a really special trail horse, or he can make an entire family happy. He can be ridden by kids ages 6 and up, absolute novices up to 200 lbs, and anyone else that wants to climb up on his back. He will ride with a hackamore or a broken bit. He rides English and Western. We use him on our farm for the general public to ride - most of whom are inexperienced riders.

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This great horse is for sale for $4,900, and he could be yours!

Navajo - Kid Safe Horse for Sale

Blanketed Appaloosa for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 12 years old

Height - 15 hands

Breed - Quarter Hose

Estimated Weight - 1,100 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Red Roan Blanketed

De-wormed - 11/5/19

Neg Coggins - 8/5/19

Teeth Floated - 11/20/19

Price - $5,800

Navajo is a 12-year-old, well built, stout Appaloosa mare standing at just over 15 hands. She's unbelievably sweet, good natured, and gentle. ANYONE can ride this horse. A sack of grain could ride this horse! She has an awesome, smooth jog and will walk, trot, and canter willingly. She's very smart and trail savvy. The first time I rode her on our trails, I led the ride with her. At the first creek crossing, she put her head down, sniffed, pawed lightly twice to check the depth, then crossed. 

This pretty Appaloosa Horse is for sale for just $5,800.

Snickers - Gypsy Crossbred Horse for Sale

Gypsy Vanner Cross Gelding for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 9 years old

Height - 14.3 hands

Breed - Gypsy Vanner Cross

Estimated Weight - 1,500 lbs

Gender - Gelding

Color: Bay Overo Paint

De-wormed - 11/7/19

Neg Coggins - 9/11/19

Teeth Floated - 11/7/19

Price - $6,800

Snickers is an incredibly versatile horse. He's at a great age, 9 years old, and stands at 14.3 hands, but he's a big boy. He's a Gypsy Vanner cross, and he's nearly as wide as he is tall! He has a nice, wide chest and rump on him. He's easy to mount from the ground for anyone: kids, short people, fat people, old people, even rude people can easily mount and dismount from this horse. All kidding aside, he is built and trained to be an all around asset to your family and friends. 

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This nice Gypsy Cross horse is for sale for just $6,800.

Sierra - Draft Cross Horse For Sale

Sierras Chest and FeetAge - 12 years old

Height - 16.2 hands

Breed - Belgian Cross

Estimated Weight - 240 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Bay

De-wormed - 10/15/19

Neg Coggins - 8/7/19

Teeth Floated - 11/18/19

Price - $4,900

Sierra is a 12-year-old phenomenal trail horse standing at 16.2 hands. She will ride in any position, but she is very comfortable leading the ride. I've taken her to Benson's Mule Days and ordered food from the McDonald's Drive Through. She's ideal for riders who need a larger horse but don't want to ride a full size draft. She has a big, wide chest, large cannon bones, and good feet, which you can see in the pictures. Click on the links provided to see that she stands still for mounting and dismounting and will ride out alone at a walk, trot, and canter per your request.

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This solid draft cross horse is for sale for $4,900.

Blaze - Buckskin Quarter Horse For Sale

Buckskin Mare for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 7 years old

Height - 15 hands

Breed - Quarter Horse

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Buckskin

De-wormed - 10/15/19

Neg Coggins - 6/21/19

Teeth Floated - 10/9/19

Price - $3,900

Blaze is a good looking, affectionate, 7-year old, 15 hand, Buckskin mare. I think it's pretty obvious how she got her name... She's the perfect age for anyone looking for a long term companion, trail partner, and confidant. Blaze rides on the trail with a purpose. She totally enjoys her work and moves with a purpose. Nothing phases her or impedes her on her mission. This horse will walk a hole in the ground. 

She isn't spooky nor is she phased by dogs, deer, tractors, and 4-wheelers. 

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This nice Buckskin Quarter Horse is for sale for just $3,900.

Charisma - Buckskin Horse For Sale

Buckskin Mare for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 11 years old

Height - 15 hands

Breed - Quarter Horse

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Buckskin

De-wormed - 10/15/19

Neg Coggins - 4/16/19

Teeth Floated - 9/27/19

Price - $3,900

Charisma is a really nice trail horse. She stands at about 15 hands, and she's 11 years old... a really great age for a horse: old enough to have had lots of riding experience and life experiences but young enough to continue riding for many, many years to come. She has an incredibly straight profile with a nice big QH jaw, nice chest, and a round rump with muscle. She will walk, trot, canter readily when asked. She's a very willing mare. She'll cross creeks, rivers, bridges, mud, or anything else you point her at. 

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 And here are the expected walk, trot, and canter videos. She can be ridden English or Western and will excel in most any discipline. As you can see, Charisma is traffic safe and dog friendly. This nice Buckskin Quarter Horse is for sale for just $3,900.

Horses for More Experienced Riders

I am selling a few of my personal horses only because I have 5 personal horses, and I'm lucky to get one ride out of a set of shoes because I'm too busy training or fixing issues that arise with my rental horses or horses I'm planning to sell. Given that, I don't feel it's fair for them to just pine away in a pasture getting older with each passing year. My personal horses are great quality horses. They just need experienced riders to appreciate them.

In my ads, I try to be very honest about the level of rider needed to ride the horses I'm offering for sale. I don't want to waste your time or mine. So if you're a good rider, you may want to check out some of my personal horses: Jetta and Destiny.

Daisy - Buckskin Quarter Horse For Sale

Daisys FaceAge - 10 years old

Height - 15 hands

Breed - Quarter Horse

Estimated Weight - 1,000 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Buckskin

De-wormed - 10/15/19

Neg Coggins - 2/20/19

Teeth Floated - 8/26/19

Price - $5,600

I've owned Daisy since she was a 5-year old, and she's 10 now. She has an incredible, nice Quarter Horse jog, and she will canter from a walk (especially if climbing a hill). You never have to kick her - just lean forward slightly and touch her side with ever so slight leg pressure. In other words, she has a nice handle on her and responds well to leg pressue.

Daisy is so fine, I should've named her Daisy Duke. She has an incredibly straight profile with a nice big QH jaw, nice chest, and a round rump with muscle. She is 15 hands and is a really nice mare. I have ridden her at the beach, the mountains, overnight organized rides, and Mule Days (see the picture below of her waiting in the drive thru lane at McDonald's for our order). When asked, she will walk, trot, canter with ease. She's easy to control. In fact, I ride her with a hackamore most of the time, but she will also ride with a bit. She'll cross creeks, rivers, bridges, mud, or anything else you point her at. If you're looking for a really nice mare, Daisy may just be your girl, and she's the perfect age at 10 years old. She's old enough to have been there and done that but young enough to do it some more for many years to come.

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Daisy would be ideal for a teen or adult with some riding experience. She isn't hot and doesn't prance or do anything stupid, but she isn't suitable for a 6-year old child with no riding experience. She will lead, ride in the middle or back, and ride out alone. She isn't barn or buddy sour. Anyone with some riding experience will truly enjoy her. This nice Buckskin Quarter Horse is for sale for just $5,600.

Destiny - Stocky Quarter Horse For Sale

Quarter Horse for Sale in Raleigh, NCAge - 11 years old

Height - 16 hands

Breed - Quarter Horse

Estimated Weight - 1,100 lbs

Gender - Mare

Color: Liver Chestnut

De-wormed - 10/15/19

Neg Coggins - 2/20/19

Teeth Floated - 11/12/18

Price - $3,200

Destiny is one of my personal horses. I've had her since she was a yearling. She's 11 years old now, and she stands about 16 hands. I bought her at auction by outbidding a kill buyer. She was a gorgeous filly with an awesome build and a beautiful head, but she had a hernia where her umbilical cord had been, so she needed surgery. Most people don't want that kind of expense, and I can't say I blame them given the care required afterwards too. But I bought her and had the surgery done, and she has blossomed into a great, strong trail horse. She stands at about 16 hands, and you can see '6-pack abs' under her stomach when she sheds out in the summer. She's built like a brick house with a nice butt and wide chest. She has muscle on muscle.

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Destiny has a strong will and can be playful. She can be an adventure to ride at times, but she never attempts to throw you. She's been on multiple organized rides, and I've even ridden her bareback on two rides that were each 5 to 6-hour rides. She has an awesome jog and a nice canter. She has never once bucked when cantering her nor does she rear. However, she can get 'hot' sometimes, so she needs an experienced rider. She is not for inexperienced riders or children. But someone with experience would appreciate her. This nice Quarter Horse is for sale for just $3,200.

Terms of Sale

  • Purchase Process: If you'd like to buy one of our horses, you need to either: 1) put a $200 non-refundable deposit on the horse and pay the balance within one week, 2) or pay for the horse when you visit our farm to try it out. Once you've made a commitment to buy the horse, we won't show the horse to anyone else, and we will keep the horse at no additional cost to you druing that week. If you need us to keep the horse longer than a week until you: make boarding arrangements near your home, finish your fence, build a barn, or a significant event occurs (like a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas), we will keep your new horse for you at the cost of $10/day after the 1-week grace period.
  • Pre-purchase Exams: We encourage you to hire a vet to do a pre-purchase exam after submitting your deposit to put your mind at rest that the horse you want to buy is sound and healthy. If the horse you chose fails the exam for any reason, we will refund your deposit. You won't be penalized by losing your deposit since it was out of your control.
  • Payment Types Accepted: We accept cash, certified checks, cashiers checks, and money orders. We don't accept personal checks, business checks, or credit cards.
  • Refund/Return Policy: If you buy a horse from us, and for any reason you aren't happy with it, we will trade it out for aother horse of equal or lesser value provided the horse is still in the same condition as it was when it left our farm. We don't offer refunds, but we want to make sure you end up with a horse you are happy with. We love our horses, and we want it to be a good fit for them as well.

Need Tack Or Board For Your Horse?

We have new and used bridles, saddles, and saddle pads for sale, and we also offer pasture board.

Need Transportation For Your New Horse?

We offer horse transportation services for your convenience.

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If you'd like to make an appointment to come see our horses for sale, contact Carla via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text me at (919) 323-1265 to schedule time to come see them. We're located at 6921 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613.

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