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Hope - Gentle, Bomb Proof, Registered Draft Horse For Sale

4 yo, 17.2 hands, $10,500 

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Hope is an incredibly quiet, laid back, registered black Percheron. Anyone on the face of this earth can ride her. She is perfectly content to just mosey on down the trail with the other horses, but will ride out alone as you can see in the videos included here on her webpage. She pretty much has two speeds - slow and slower. Just kidding. She'll walk and trot easily when asked, but it takes more determination to get her to break into a canter. She's a big girl, and can carry riders up to 350 lbs, but I'm not encouraging you to achieve that weight just to test her weight limit!

I've owned Hope for more than a year, and I've used her for beginner riders to ride our trails as young as 6 years old and up. She is as safe as they come. So if you're just learning to ride, and you are looking for a horse that won't spook, bolt, rear, buck, throw it's head in protest, or blow you off, Hope may just be the horse you've been looking for. She's is sound and sane in every way. She is calm in every situation including traffic, heavy equipment operating nearby, 4-wheelers, chain saws, deer, birds, creeks, bridges, and just about anything that could crop up out in the woods. And very importantly, she will pick up all four feet. No sedation or shoeing stocks are needed for this girl.

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Hope was foaled on May 20, 2019, and her registered name is NL Maggie's Macy. She is registered with the Percheron Horse Association of America. She already stands at 17.2 hands, so she will probably mature to 17.3 to 18 hands. She is truly majestic and will (thankfully) stand quietly while you mount and dismount whether from the ground or some other creative manner. This horse is the exception to the rule: despite her young age, she is quiet as a mouse and safe for anyone to ride or handle. She behaves much more like a 10 to 12 year-old horse.

She loads and unloads in a matter of seconds - not hours. She's easy to catch, bathe, and spray for flies. Absolutely nothing phases her. Bridling and saddling her is a snap because she stands still and isn't cinchy. She will stand at the hitching rail for hours without pawing or chewing on wood. This nice Draft Horse is for sale and could be yours for $10,500.

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