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Zeus - Awesome Percheron Draft Crossbred Horse For Sale

8 yo, 16.2 hands, $9,000

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Zeus is a good looking, 8-year-old, black Percheron x Quarter Horse gelding standing at 16.2 hands. We have had him for nearly a year, and during that time, he has been used as a guide horse and more recently for novice customers to ride out on our trails. When you're ready to ride, Zues isn't difficult to mount or dismount. He's comfortable riding in any position in the group - front, back, and middle of the group. Riding alone or with just the company of your dogs is a pleasure - not a challenge - because Zeus is a confident trail horse and is dog friendly. He has excellent trail manners, i.e. never offers to bit or kick another horse on the trail despite the fact that he - not his inexperienced rider - is in charge. He knows his job and does it well. All his rider has to do is to enjoy the ride and the scenery. But on the flip side, he has a motor. If you ask him to trot or canter, all you have to do is ask. It's not necessary to kick him 2 or 3 times to get him to go any faster than a walk. He is very willing to move out if you want him to, but you don't have to hold him back and have him prancing down the trail sideways or up the horse's butt in front of him.

If you enjoy going to offsite organized rides, Zeus is your man. He loads like a dream and travels well. He's easy to bridle and saddle. In other words, he isn't cinchy when you tighten the girth, so you don't have to worry that he'll take a bite out of your arm or shoulder when you're tacking him up. Zeus is a big boy and can carry heavier riders up to 250 lbs (plus the weight of the saddle), but he doesn't have the dinner plate size feet of a full blown draft horse. He has a kind disposition and is easy to catch. You can bathe him and spray him for flies without a struggle. So if you're looking for a jet black, willing trail horse, you should check him out. He can be yours for just $9,000, and at his age, you can easily ride him for at least another 15 years or more.

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