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Sundance - Stunning, Blanketed Appaloosa Horse For Sale

5 yo, 14.3 hands, $9,000

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Sundance is absolutely gorgeous. He commands everyone's attention in any setting. He's just 5 years old and already kid broke. He's young, and like whiskey, will only get better with age. ANYONE can ride this horse provided you're not a big dude, i.e. over 6 ft tall and more than 200 lbs. Standing at 14.3 hands, young children ages 6 and up, teens, ladies of average height and weight, and guys under 200 lbs would be perfectly suited to ride this horse. He's a real doll: sweet, affectionate, and a social butterfly. In the photos below and the videos, you can see how absorbed he is with 'his person'... even when the bulldozer operator comes within 20 feet of him where he's tied to the hitching rail. We've had him for more than 7 months, and he's been taking novice riders out on trail rides and used in our summer camp program during that time. He is respecful of your space and is easy to catch, bathe, load and unload - despite major distractions. He gets along just fine with both mares and geldings.

I have also included some candid shots taken by a mounted guide demonstrating the level of rider who can safely ride this horse. You can see from the posture of the kid riding him that he is absolutely beginner safe and will cross creeks and mud without hesitation. He has excellent trail manners even when the rider is absolutely clueless about the possibility of horses communicating in a negative manner while out on the trail, i.e. kicking, biting, or charging at one another as if they were out in the pasture (especially when the rider isn't giving the horse any instrution to keep the horse a safe distance from the horse in front of him).

You can ride Sundance English or Western. It's your choice. Either way, he stands still for you to mount and dismount. He'll pick up all 4 feet, he's tolerant of dogs, and he's easy to bridle and saddle. In other words, he's not cinchy. He has a nice trot that you can easily sit to in a western saddle or post to in an English saddle. And as you can see in the photos above, he has nice extension as well. His canter is equally as pleasant. You will love this horse, but don't go thinking you can cheat on your spouse when riding this horse and get away with it, because everyone within eyesight is going to see you on this horse! His coloring is so loud, you can hear him coming. Despite the fact that these pictures were just taken in February during the middle of winter, he's still drop dead gorgeous. So if you want to be a man magnet, this horse will get you the attention you so desire. This good looking Appaloosa gelding can be yours for $9,000.

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