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Morticia - Unique Brown Dun Fjord Crossbred Horse For Sale

13 yo, 13.3 hands, $7,700

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Morticia is an adorable, 13-year-old, Brown Dun Fjord Crossbred mare standing at 13.3 hands. She rides and drives single and double. She's quiet with a sweet demeanor. You won't have any trouble getting on or off Morticia because she's just under 14 hands and stands still when your're ready to get on. When you ride her though, she feels more like a horse than a pony because she's built with a nice wide chest and butt. That's where the Fjord comes in. (Learn more about the breed by clicking on the link provided. Be sure to read the section entitled "What to expect from a Fjord Horse.) She's comfortable riding in any position in the group - front, back, and middle of the group. Despite her shorter legs, she keeps up just fine with the bigger horses. Depending on the normal walking speed of the lead horse, she may have to trot occasionally to keep up, but unlike a many ponies, she has a walk that's more akin to the walking speed of a horse and a nice, comfortable little jog. Despite the fact that she drives, she will still canter when under saddle. Her ground manners are impeccable as depicted in the video of the 8-year-old little girl leading her in tight circles. At one point in the video, the horse has to actually pivot and spin on her hind end to stay at a respectful distance, avoid stepping on the little girl, and prevent the little girl from having to tug and pull on the rope to get her to follow. She's dog friendly, loads and unloads like a dream, and she backs well. Watch the video to witness her loading and unloading in less than 30 seconds! No hitching rail? No problem. Morticia ground ties as well (see photo below). Kids and dogs are never at risk around Morticia as seen in the pictures and videos. In short, she minds better than most kids and pets that I've had the pleasure of making their acquaintance.

Morticia would be ideal for vertically challenged riders, kids, senior riders looking for the perfect horse to write their final chapter, or riders with physical limitations which may make mounting a taller horse more challenging. She rides English or Western and looks nice under either tack. She stands quietly while being saddled, and she isn't cinchy. Riders needing to build or regain their confidence really appreciate Morticia as she is responsive to your commands but can overlook your mistakes and timidness. We put novice kids on her ages 8 and up in our riding programs. Her ideal riders are up to 5'8" tall and weigh no more than 185 lbs. She is stocky built, so she isn't just for kids, which means this is a pony your kids are unlikely to outgrow, so you'll get your money's worth! To give you some perspective, I ride her, and I'm 5'6" and weigh 130 lbs. You can get a perspective of what that looks like from the photos and videos included here. So if you're looking for a horse for Mom, the kids, and their friends to ride, or for Dad or Grandpa to hook up and drive, she can be yours for just $7,700, and at her age, she can easily entertain you and your family for at least another 12 years or more.

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