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Butch - Black Percheron x Haflinger Horse For Sale

8 yo, 15.3 hands, $7,000

Click on the images and brown text for larger images and videos. 

Butch is an 8-year-old black Percheron/Haflinger crossbred gelding that's beginner and kid safe for ages 6 and up. He looks like a big, stocky Quarter Horse. He stands between 15.2 and 15.3 hands. We've owned him for more than a year. During that time, he has been trail ridden by novice adults and camp kids. He's laid back and happy to mosey down the trail at a walk, but he has a nice jog and canter as well. Click on the links provided and watch the videos to see that he'll pick up all 4 feet and will stand still for mounting and dismounting. He can be sprayed for flies without a fight. If you ride alone, no problem; Butch will ride out alone without hollering or putting up a struggle nor does he rush back when he's headed back in the direction of the barn.

He's easy to catch and has a really quiet disposition. His ground manners are impeccable. Loading him into a horse trailer literally only takes seconds because he loads so easily. He has a nice jog and canter, he's traffic safe (as seen in the video of the 4-wheeler close on his heels while taking the video of him jogging), and tolerant of dogs out on the trail. Mud, creeks, bridges, deer, and birds taking flight are part of his everyday life, and he takes them all in stride. He rides out alone beautifully. If you like a nice, solid horse, look no further. Butch may just be your guy. His left eye is retracted, but it's not unsightly as you can see in the photos and videos. With that being said, he is blind in that eye, which is the reason for the less than $9,000 price. This nice horse is for sale and could be yours for just $7,000.

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