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Blaze - Nice Draft x Quarter Horse For Sale

4 yo, 15.1 hands, $7,900 

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Blaze is a gorgeous Belgian crossbred mare. She isn't real drafty though. She just looks like a really nice built Quarter Horse. She's 4 years old and stands at 15.1 hands. She should mature to 15.2 to 15.3 hands. She has a phenomenal mane and tail. In fact, she has a full mane on both sides of her neck. When I bought her, she was driving double with her half-sister, Shiloh, who we also have (and is for sale but not yet posted). I started her under saddle, and we've been using her as a guide horse for the past 2 years. 

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I've taken her to Benson on an organized ride and to the Great Smokey Mountains to ride. She loves water, so crossing creeks and rivers is never an issue. Bridges are no problem either. She's playful and sweet and has a little sheep she frolicks with in the pasture. She loads well, rides out alone or in a group setting, and is quite happy to lead but will follow provided the horses in front of her aren't plodding along. She always comes to you in the pasture; you never have to 'catch' her. She picks up all 4 feet and can be sprayed for flies without a struggle. Blaze is a fairly forward mover, so she isn't suitable for a young child with no riding experience but would be great for a teen or adult with some riding experience. You'd have to try real hard to get a rise out of this mare. Watch how calmly she passes the guy in the red rain poncho on the trail. Even if you mount from the "off side", she will stand still while you get on. And once you're up there, she's very tolerant even of tomfoolery. This nice Quarter Horse is for sale and could be yours for $7,900.

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