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April K
2019-06-29, 17:17
We LOVED our experience at Dead Broke Farm. The staff were awesome, the horses well cared for, and the surroundings gorgeous. So crazy to experience such a retreat just miles from Raleigh. Highly recommend!
Jacob A.
2019-06-28, 10:08
This week was our daughter's third summer at the farm. Once again she had a wonderful experience! Very thankful for everyone at the farm. She can't wait to get back later this summer!
2019-05-27, 18:24
My son and I took an hour trail ride today. We had a fantastic experience. The leader was very informative and helped refresh our horse experiences, teaching fundamentals of handling her horses. My horse was easy to handle and we will definitely be back!

Thank you Dead Broke Farm for a great experience.
2019-05-20, 19:15
We went for an hour trail ride the other day and had so much fun! It was such a nice ride and the horses are so beautiful and amazing. We had a 5yr old who was riding with a guide and Maddie was so great. Can’t wait to go again hopefully soon!!
2019-03-23, 14:22
I've loved this place since i was six. They have grown and now, I still ride the first horse i had ever rode(Amber). Best camp ever.
2019-02-17, 10:40
I have been going to Dead Broke Farm for many years. They truly care for their horses! If your looking for a summer camp for your kids, this is a great place to send them! Or even just a simple afternoon ride, they got you covered! An amazing place, that I will be continuing to go to for many more years to come!
2019-02-12, 12:57
Nice facility and nice horses too! If you're looking to ride or purchase, give Dead Broke a try.
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