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BJ Warner
2020-02-02, 20:34
I am so grateful that I found this farm where i could count on truthful assessments about the horses. They worked with me to find the right suitable equine partner. Thank you!
Tammy Jo
2019-12-20, 18:57
We love this place! Got a great horse from them, and she is so awesome. Thanks Carla!
Nicole A.
2019-10-31, 04:05
I can not praise this place enough. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly patient. they treat you like you are family. The horses that they provide are healthy and everything that Carla says they are. She will be my go to place from now on.
Drew Strickland
2019-10-19, 21:10
The best people make the experience that much more fun! Such a well organized operation with all of the chaos. We will definitely be back. Thanks team!
2019-08-21, 15:02
We had a great morning trail ride! We had one child that was 7 and one child who was 4. Both had an excellent time and were asking when they could go back. The 4 year old rode with a guide and had a great experience. Horses were calm and easy to ride for inexperienced riders. We will be back!
2019-08-13, 16:04
I love this farm it's an amazing place to come
2019-08-04, 08:46
Awesome experience! Friendly staff and fun ride
2019-07-20, 16:20
Our 8 yo daughter spent a week at the DBF camp. When she started the week she was very skittish and could not bring herself to take a ride without lots of tears. At the end of the week I decided to join her for part of her day at camp. She was quick to show me the donkeys and miniature ponies. She introduced me to each one as she walked around petting their noses; previously she would always keep a little distance. On the trail ride i saw a little girl that had overcome her fears and seemed comfortable around the horses and confident on the trail.
Could the camp have a fancier club house or more activities, sure. But you can always ask for more. What I thought was important is that my daughter had a fun week, made some friends and overcame some fears. In my opinion that was a good return on my investment. A big THANK YOU to Carla and the rest of her friendly staff.
Barb Crissman
2019-07-17, 18:25
My family had a blast and truly enjoyed our riding experience.
Brad and the ranch hands helped my grand daughter feel comfortable on her first solo ride. She even gave us loud
yahoo on the way back in to the barn. Loved every part of our ride and can’t wait to go back!
2019-07-15, 08:31
Me and my daughter took a 2 hour private ride. Cowboy did a great job. Had a fantastic time !!!!
April K
2019-06-29, 17:17
We LOVED our experience at Dead Broke Farm. The staff were awesome, the horses well cared for, and the surroundings gorgeous. So crazy to experience such a retreat just miles from Raleigh. Highly recommend!
Jacob A.
2019-06-28, 10:08
This week was our daughter's third summer at the farm. Once again she had a wonderful experience! Very thankful for everyone at the farm. She can't wait to get back later this summer!
2019-05-27, 18:24
My son and I took an hour trail ride today. We had a fantastic experience. The leader was very informative and helped refresh our horse experiences, teaching fundamentals of handling her horses. My horse was easy to handle and we will definitely be back!

Thank you Dead Broke Farm for a great experience.
2019-05-20, 19:15
We went for an hour trail ride the other day and had so much fun! It was such a nice ride and the horses are so beautiful and amazing. We had a 5yr old who was riding with a guide and Maddie was so great. Can’t wait to go again hopefully soon!!
2019-03-23, 14:22
I've loved this place since i was six. They have grown and now, I still ride the first horse i had ever rode(Amber). Best camp ever.
2019-02-17, 10:40
I have been going to Dead Broke Farm for many years. They truly care for their horses! If your looking for a summer camp for your kids, this is a great place to send them! Or even just a simple afternoon ride, they got you covered! An amazing place, that I will be continuing to go to for many more years to come!
2019-02-12, 12:57
Nice facility and nice horses too! If you're looking to ride or purchase, give Dead Broke a try.
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